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In Person Conversation about October 7th, Israel, and the Gaza War

Many of us have felt hesitant to talk about the conflict and how it’s affecting us, unsure how our views and feelings would be met by others in our diverse community.  Now, 6 months out, we’ve heard an increasing desire to find ways to talk to each other about this from our respective experiences, as Temple Shalom is our shared Jewish home.

We will hold two sessions, both at Temple Shalom.  You are welcome to attend whichever is more convenient for you. 
Wednesday 5/29 at 7:30 pm
Sunday 6/2 at 4:00 pm
Please RSVP by Monday May 20th.


Reaffirm trust within the community that we can continue to respect each other across differences of experience and opinion.  This structured, in-person, opportunity to talk and listen is intended for adults (18+ only) to 
  • help each of us reflect on, and share, the impact that the events of October 7th, and all that has transpired since, have had on each of us.  
  • help us all to see and hear each other in all the complexity of experience within the Temple Shalom community, and 
  • to help us understand and care for one another across the different types of pain and concern people are feeling.


A facilitator will lead the “conversation” using agreed-upon guidelines and reflective questions that allow people to listen closely to one another’s experience, without interruption, challenge, or debate.  The prompts will focus on personal experience, internal complexity, and our shared need to be seen and understood with compassion.  

Conversation Guidelines

(these can be adjusted at the start of the event if participants together agree on changes)
  • Participants will speak for themselves, based on their personal experience, values, and views.
  • Participants  will refrain from criticizing others’ views or trying to persuade them to change their views.
  • Participants will stick to the structured time frames to ensure airtime is shared fairly.
  • Participants will not interrupt except to indicate that they cannot hear/understand a speaker.
  • Participants  are always welcome to “pass” or “pass for now”; speaking is voluntary.
  •  Attendees will not share anything they were asked to keep confidential or characterize anyone’s views or participation in disparaging ways.

Please note that we will not be engaging in political debate at this event.  If you are interested in respectful debate about the conflict, you may wish to join the book club, which often reads and discusses books on topics relating to Israel.  If you would like additional debate outside of the book club, please email and with your interest and availability. If we get sufficient interest, we will attempt to form a discussion group.

Thu, June 13 2024 7 Sivan 5784